Biotechnical Systems Research and Development Center from within the "Politehnica" University of Bucharest was recently established for the purpose of carrying out research in national and international priority areas, with impact both in the scientific community and economic environment:


1.      Environmental protection and engineering;

2.      Biotechnologies;

3.      Renewable energy sources and sustainable development;

4.      Food safety and engineering;

5.      Storage and processing of food and agricultural products;

6.      Agricultural machinery and equipment.


The centerís team is formed of academic staff, Ph.D. and Master degree students, mainly from the Faculty of Biotechnical Systems Engineering as well as from other faculties of the University, thereby ensuring complementarity in terms of qualifications needed to address complex and multi-disciplinary research topics. Key team members enjoy a vast experience acquired by participation in numerous national and international research projects where the "Politehnica" University of Bucharest was coordinator or partner.

The research center covers a wide range of activities, of which not missing fundamental and applied studies and research, laboratory tests, design, consulting services, feasibility studies, training of personnel, documentation and other related services.

The Biotechnical Systems Research and Development Center carries out its own research strategy and promotes its own research programs in order to encompass the full potential of its members and collaborators.


Prof.Ph.D.eng. Edmond MAICAN